Green Bay City Pages Internships

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Green Bay City Pages is Green Bay’s only alternative weekly newspaper. We cover art, entertainment and culture in the greater Green Bay area. View our stories at

Three internships are now accepting applications for Spring 2022.

All internship hours vary depending on position.

Interested students should email a resume and 1 page cover letter to Green Bay City Pages Editor John McCracken at and General Manager Mike Hollihan at


Social Media/Web Publishing Intern

Student looking for marketing, communications and digital publishing experience. Positions will include publishing content online, managing and writing social media post and engaging with Green Bay City Pages readers and audiences through digital platforms and communications. 

Reporting Intern

Students looking for on the ground experience writing for a newspaper. Students will cover a variety of topics in the greater Green Bay area, with an emphasis on art, entertainment and culture. Students will be responsible for interviewing, sourcing and writing stories as well as taking photos, copyediting and other editorial tasks. 

Photography/Videography Intern
Students looking for experience taking photos, videos and more will have the chance to work in a position where weekly photography and video content is desired. Students will work with the reporting and editorial team to decide photo subjects and video ideas with an emphasis on the arts, entertainment and culture in the greater Green Bay area.