Demiplane Internship

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Applications due January 6th, 2021

Class: Bard (College of Lore)

Background: UWGB Intern

Alignment: Creative

Semester: Spring 2021 (NOTE: This is a REMOTE/VIRTUAL internship.)

Initiative: +3

Speed: Start-up fast (40 ft)

Role Description: Demiplane is seeking a creative, adventure-ready Intern to assist us in our quest of building an epic tabletop roleplaying game experience! You will report directly to Demiplane’s Brand Herald. You can expect to encounter creative writing, technical writing, and a hefty dose of business communication and research. Your work will include crafting legendary Adventures, researching key players in the TTRPG space, and building foundational business documents.  

About Demiplane: Demiplane brings fans of roleplaying games together within one exciting platform, providing the most in-depth toolset to build teams and expand the ways in which games can be played, shared, and explored, delivering an entirely unique gameplay experience that’s engaging on all levels.

About Tabletop Roleplaying Games: Unlike video games or other types of tabletop games (like Monopoly or Risk), most of a TTRPG takes place inside the minds of the Adventurers and the Game Master. The Game Master is the one who creates the adventure, storyline, setting, non-player characters, and fabulous loot that the Adventurers quest after. Adventurers are players that use characters with special abilities to band together and complete quests & challenges, large or small, that have been crafted by the Game Master. All of this, though, happens without a board – Adventurers and Game Masters describe the actions characters are taking and roll dice to see the degree to which they are successful. Every player – and the Game Master – take on the role of storytellers (or more aptly, story-makers) and weave the game narrative together. It takes massive amounts of imagination, a little bit of luck, and a lot of dice rolling. The TTRPG most people know is Dungeons & Dragons, but there are many, many different styles of RPG, including ones set in deep space and mythological lands and ones that include monsters and creatures inspired by horror novels and H.P. Lovecraft. There truly is an RPG for everyone.  

Bardic Responsibilities:

Knowledge Gatherer:  You will help the Demiplane team gather TTRPG news, assist with deep dives on social media threads, and assist with refining our community analysis and marketing strategy. 

Keen Listener: You will help us create transcripts for our Homebrew University blog and podcast series. You will help us keep our finger on the pulse of the TTRPG community – from vetting podcasts about tabletop games to analyzing Twitch streams, you’ll help us identify potential advocates for the Demiplane brand.

Creative Storyteller: Once per month you will work with the Brand Herald and our graphics creator to write a story and transform it into a tabletop roleplaying story that other Adventurers will be able to play!

Language Analyzer: You’ll also be asked to help us write and edit technical pieces of writing, including tutorials/how-to guides, user guides, and blog posts geared towards a wide audience of gamers. 

Project Aficionado:  Over the course of the semester you will use all of the skills you have developed to complete a project. This semester’s project is a presentation on how an individual or organization networks through the industry to create a professional-grade Tabletop Adventure. This will involve talking with creative professionals, influencers, storytellers, and others within the tabletop roleplaying community.  


  • An interest in gaming and entertainment is required, but we will help introduce you to the tabletop roleplaying community if you are not already familiar with it. 
  • Strong writing and language skills
  • Ability to communicate information in a variety of different ways
  • Ability to be flexible and thrive in a fast-moving and agile environment
  • Experience using social media is required, although you need not have experience running a business social media account.
  • Success within this role will be depending upon using social media to engage with users, so knowledge about how to navigate through social media and leverage its potential is necessary. 

How to Apply (deadline: January 6, 2021):

Send all of the materials below to Megan Dickman-Renard at

  • a cover letter
  • a resume
  • a short creative writing sample
  • a short technical or business writing sample. 

Due date for applications : January 6th, 2021.