Profit Co. Copywriting and Proofing Intern (paid)

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Copywriting & Proofing Internship, Profit Company, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Job description: The Copywriting and Proofing Intern is responsible for creating and proofing world-class copy for Prophit Co. and our clients. They should have collegiate-level classroom experience in writing, grammar, punctuation and copyediting. The Copywriting and Proofing Intern must think creatively and collaboratively in conjunction with the Marketing Team to provide unique options that fit the scope of any given project.

This role will be a self-starter and will have the ability to work independently with minimal instruction. The Copywriting and Proofing Intern reports to the Marketing Manager.

Main job responsibilities for this role:

  • To brainstorm and create purpose-directed copy and/or content for Prophit Co. and our clients
  • To assist with writing for client Leadership Uncoveries and Themes Reports
  • To proof and edit a wide variety of copy types for grammatical errors, spelling, punctuation, formatting, consistency, accuracy, length, style and tone
  • To write for a wide variety of project types that include: social media, advertisements, e-newsletters, blogs, websites, flyers, brochures, articles, press releases, signage and presentations

What people can count on this role for (expect from you):

  • To ask for and offer support when needed—sharing the burden, exploring solutions, taking action and then moving on.
  • To communicate complex ideas clearly and concisely using accessible language
  • To collaborate creatively and produce world-class, purpose-directed communication
  • To be thorough and maintain accuracy across multiple projects
  • To be open to continual training 
  • To live the Prophit Co. core values and be a team player

Company: Prophit Co. Website:

Paid Internship: 10-15 hours per week, $15/hourly rate

Start date of February 2022

Onsite training and work at Green Bay location for the first few weeks, with remote working options later on.

To apply email: with a cover letter/resume/portfolio samples